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It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.


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The concept for Hello Immortality was created by Jez. Fellow staff and members have contributed immensely, and all their ideas are original and courtesy of them.

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 Canon List
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Canon Character Information
Here are HI's canons. We'd love to have them around so that all kinds of plotting and crazy things can happen. Before reserving one, please contact one of the admins. With their approval, you may reserve the character your heart desires (and is free) for five days. Please reply to this thread with the following format:

<b>CHARACTER</b> is reserved for ALIAS until Month/Day (5 days from now)

“ Insurgent ”
Mina Redmond - TAKEN - Candice Swanepoel

Before the Reveal, Mina was head of a fledgling coven. She made a deal with the Vampire king of North Carolina that he would protect her and her coven for 50 years in exchange for her blood and her services. Unfortunately, Cyprian Nystrom is now missing, his death uncertain, and a new Vampire has taken his place as monarch. Nowadays, she's no longer fussing over such trivial matters when she's the secret head of a secret insurgency against the prejudice and segregation between the humans and the supernaturals. Do not misunderstand. Her aim is not necessarily equality, but everyone has to start somewhere, and people in the resistance need her as much as she needs them.

Mina Redmond is taken by Jez.

“ Liason ”
Malakai - OPEN - David Giuntoli

Malakai is a Shifter. He is the Elder of the Tsu-la tribe. He holds a lot of influence with his own kind in Destiny and the surrounding areas and oftentimes with the other supernatural creatures. For example, he has a broship with the residing werewolf pack. More than anything, Mal is a pacifist. He wants to keep peace, and he does what he can to make that happen.

Unfortunately, his influence in general, but especially with the humans, has diminished since the Reveal for the pure reason that he is a Shifter. He was a detective at the DPD before the Reveal, and he has stayed on there as something of the same except now he has a barcode and works in a supe team that is overseen by a human. Elias, the DPD chief, likes Mal, though, and often gives him special treatment. Mal is still the guy they send in for PR or to calm a situation before it blows it's top. He more or less runs his own supe team, supposedly overseen by Elias himself.

Malakai must be older than 30. Malakai is only a name holder. You are free to make his name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion

“ Chief ”
Elias - OPEN - Idris Elba
Elias is a fairly decent man. How he became the chief of the police department is up to you. He is the head honcho and is technically over both the Human Investigation and Supe Unit sections, but he's assigned others for better micromanagement. Unofficially, Malakai oversees a lot of the goings-on in the Supe Unit, and Elias likes him. Elias gets things done when he needs to. He's a likable guy for the most part but due to his duplicitous job position, he's disliked by his human employees for his usually fair treatment of the supes and he's disliked by most of his supernatural employees due to the fact he's human and they view him as lording over them.

Due to his precarious position as DPD chief, he doesn't take a lot of guff from anyone. He does what he does and makes no excuses or apologies. He asserts that they don't live in a perfect world, and for people to expect him to be perfect is a silly and foolish notion.

Elias must be older than 35. Slias is only a name holder. You are free to make his name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion.

“ Warden ”
Pen - OPEN - Lena Headey
Pen is a driven woman who, as you may have guessed, fits the stereotypical hardened businesswoman almost to a T. She doesn't take any crap from human and supernatural alike. As for the supernaturals, she abhors them. Every single one of them, no matter what kind they are. She is not a benevolent woman who became warden of The Pit because she actually believes in the rehabilitation program that is supposedly the mission of any holding compound. She believes in using the supernaturals as much as possible and then disposing of them when it is no longer beneficial to keep them around.

She is cunning and manipulative and has no qualms with spearheading the fights between the supes. Some nights it's to the death, some nights its not. No matter the outcome, she always makes a profit. There are some observers that desire to be on the front row but most prefer to watch from the comfort of their own home. That can be arranged. Anything is possible long distance with the internet nowadays. And wiring her loads of money with few the wiser? You never saw anything.

On the flip side, Pen has a family. Whether that family is a husband and children or any mixture in-between is up to the player. But her family is the only thing she cares about and she keeps her heartless activities a secret from them. The majority of Pen's past and why she became the way she is today is completely up to the player.

Pen must be older than 30. Pen is only a name holder. You are free to make her name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion

“ Unseen ”
Verena is the most open and flexible of the canons. She is a ghost that died in Destiny. The nature of her death is entirely up to the player, but typically when a ghost sticks around and doesn't move on, it's because their death was violent and/or traumatic, such as murder or suicide. Mina Redmond is the leader of the Insurgency, and she has a natural connection/sway over ghosts that she uses to her advantage, which means Verena would be used as well. The idea for Verena is that she's actually a double agent. She helps Mina, but she also helps any human that may summon her for information. She entertains herself by playing both sides and oftentimes pitting people against each other.

Verena's age is unimportant so long as she has been a ghost long enough to be able to actively engage with the realm of the living. It is preferred that she be dead at least 50 years. Verena is only a name holder. You are free to make her name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion

“ Monarch ”
Dario - OPEN - David Gandy
Dario is as charming as most snakes are. He plays the part of loyal and obedient subject to the Authority as he always has, and even more now that the Authority is in bed with the human government. But, if anything, the change in leadership has stoked the fires of rebellion inside of him. He's always wanted the vampires to rule the world as they once did ages ago. He wasn't around then, but he's heard the stories, and they are glorious. He bides his time for the opportune moment to strike, but his patience continues to grow thinner and thinner.

Meanwhile, he's encroaching on Luca Phillips' (a character belonging to, surprise surprise, Jez) crime territory. The Crime Lord is currently held in supernatural isolation, and Dario is trying to woo/bribe/cheat/whatever Luca's progeny, Nerissa, to assume control of Sin-Sation and the money making business that is offering euphoria to humans and a meal for his kind. He has yet to fully succeed. He does like to have his hand in everything because one day he plans to rule everything. Everything else about him is up to the player.

Dario must be between 850 and 900 years of age. Dario is only a name holder. You are free to make his name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion.

“ Hunter ”
Liam - OPEN - Sam Worthington

Liam is a member of the Hunter Council. He is a part of the half of the Council that keeps his status a secret. Unlike five of his compatriots, he moves about in relative anonymity trying to further the goals of the Council as a whole, which is basically the government now. More than that, however, Liam is trying to further his own oals.

Liam's background is open to player's choice. Just make sure he has the many years necessary of training in Supernatural killing to be considered deadly. He could not have been younger than 20 before being asked to be a member. Other than that, have at it.

Liam's personality is also fairly open. Keep in mind that he strongly believes that all Supernaturals are inherently evil and must be eradicated. He will be one of--if not THE--main leading forces in the opposition against the Supernatural world. Liam should be charismatic, or at least a good leader that can bring people to his cause, or else he'd never be able to mount an offensive against the dark creatures that plague humanity. He is the council member that is in charge of the east coast.

Liam must be 25 or older. Liam is only a name holder. You are free to make his name whatever you would like. Although it is preferred that the play-by be kept the same, it is open for discussion.

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