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It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.


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 The Story
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 Posted on: Jul 22 2017, 09:30 PM
Destiny's Daily

Beginning of the end
and then nothing was the same

It happened four years ago. A reporter named Gregory Walsh discovered the truth of supernatural beings existing in the shadows of reality. In spite of the video proof, the government sect that was aware of supernaturals, nicknamed supes, would have easily marginalized the evidence if it wasn't for a powerful individual's influence. Nowadays, the specifics are a little fuzzy on how it all went down, but people do remember the violence, danger, and death that followed. The Vampire Council fractured into those that wanted to take advantage of the Reveal to finally resume their rightful place as rulers over the mortals and those that knew they stood no chance against the humans' numbers and advanced warfare. Numerous hunters also chose to incite lynching of suspected and known supes in their communities. Others tried to stop it.

The White House was burned down, the president assassinated. Before the land could be destroyed by nuclear warfare, what was left of the government, combined with choice hunting companies and other third party assistance, reasserted control after a year and a half of unrest. It took another two and a half years for new regulations to be put into place and new laws to be enacted. A new president was put into office, a hunter by trade. As much as possible, the government was put back together and anarchy staved off. Martial law was declared over the entirety of the United States. Troops from overseas were brought home to aid in the transition. It was every country for themselves in this new world.

Researchers and scientists used hunters' knowledge of the supes combined with living, breathing test subjects to create technological methods of identifying different supernatural beings. This state-of-the-art technology was used to identify, barcode, and register every supe possible. Humans and supes were segregated and not allowed to live in the same areas, be treated in the same medical locations, or sit in the same classrooms.

The highly dangerous and uncooperative have either been killed or thrown into the depths of compounds fashioned or built for the purpose of containment. Humane treatment of prisoners has been all but completely forgotten, especially when the prisoner is a supernatural. The government uses the supes against their own through extortion, threats, and torture.

Now we focus on Destiny, North Carolina. The small town has changed dramatically. During the year after the Reveal, friends turned on friends. Spouse against spouse. Buildings were razed to the ground and blood spilt on the pavement. It has always been a beacon for the supernatural and it was least affected by the Reveal and the consequent chaos. That's not to say it didn't suffer. Everywhere suffered.

Nowadays, Destiny has become a training site for many a hunter, government and private sector alike, not to mention the human denizens who wish to protect themselves. Not too far from town sits one of the infamous holding compounds for the supes known as The Pit. The city has been militarized, and the police department fractured into two departments. Human Investigation which continues to deal with law infractions when humans are involved, and the Supe Unit where human officers lead barcoded supernaturals in teams that deal with anything that involves other supes.

A word of caution to this tale. There are forces at work in the shadows. For better or worse... only time will tell.

((Should you have any questions please refer to the other information provided, particularly the FAQ. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We love questions around here.))

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