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It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.


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The concept for Hello Immortality was created by Jez. Fellow staff and members have contributed immensely, and all their ideas are original and courtesy of them.

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 Do's and Dont's
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 Posted on: Jun 14 2013, 01:12 PM
01. First and foremost, you must obey Jcink Terms of Service which can be found HERE. You must be thirteen (13) to join this forum.

02. Hello Immortality is a PG-13 forum meaning no detailed explicit content may be posted. Cussing is permitted, but keep it to a minimum. Sexual content should not be graphic and should “fade to black.”

03. We have a one account per character policy. For every character you create, you must also register a new account.

04. Your account name should be the first and last name of your character. For example, my character’s first and last name is Snicker Doodle. My account name would read “Snicker Doodle”

05. You may not role-play your character until your biography has been moved to an Accepted board.

06. You are allowed ten characters for now. This is subject to change. Any characters above the maximum must be cleared with the Admins.

07. Spelling and grammar are very important. We understand mistakes happen. Try re-reading your posts to eliminate as many errors as possible.

08. While we do not have a word count, it is nice to have a good post to reply to. However, you may not post one-liners. That is impossible to reply to.

09. You are to write in the third person past tense (i.e. he jumped, she loved, etc.). If your heart is truly set on first person, talk with the Admins and see if you can get it approved.

10. Please find an actor, actress, or model to play your character. Anime characters are not accepted, only real people.

11. God-Moding is not tolerated. Power-Playing is only allowed with the consent of each character's owner.

12. We do allow liquid time. However, keep in mind your character’s timeline and only enter as many as you can handle.

13. Respect everyone on the site. This includes staff, members, and guests.

14. Keep arguments private. Do not start drama in the cbox. If you are having a problem with another board member, PM that member and try to work it out. If a peaceful agreement cannot be reached, talk to one of the staff members.

15. Play-by's under the age of 13 are not allowed. We consider that to be child exploitation. Also, please make sure to be careful with the pictures you use. Please avoid using pictures of children under the age of 13.

16. Avatar dimensions are 250 width x 400 height. It must be that size for the miniprofiles to be sized properly. They will be resized if not the correct dimensions.

17. Signature dimensions are 500 width x 250 height. Anything larger and it will be resized.

18. First three characters are free. For every character you make after, you are required to make ten (10) in-character posts with that character before you are allowed to make a new character. Any out of character posts, including those on plot pages, do not count toward your overall ten. However, the application does count as one of the IC posts. Just go by what the post count is in the miniprofile. It should be correct.

19. The age cap for all characters with longevity is 1500 years unless you are adapting a canon or open position of one of the characters listed in the ruling bodies threads in the against anarchy forum.

20. Remember, these rules may change at any time. Any changes will be announced via the Announcement board.

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