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It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.


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 Delaney, Atticus
SPN Doctor
301 years
"Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle."

 Posted on: Sep 24 2017, 07:51 PM

atticus k. delaney
March 22 1718


Eye color: One eye’s blue, the other’s brown due to heterochromia iridum mutation
Hair color: Dark brown, appears black in most lighting
Height: 6’7”
Build: Muscular
Scars: Multiple from his time in the pits all over his body, but none particularly notable.
Tattoos: The barcode on his left wrist.
Piercings: None


  • Dominant. Atticus has a very dominant personality. His wolf too, is dominant and though he does like to see dominance in others, ultimately he doesn't like people trying to dominate him. He can turn quite easily from his happy, Irish chappy personality to something more aggressive if his dominance is challenged. However, he is not one to cross the line with Alphas despite this trait. He knows how the pack hierarchy works and respects this.
  • Easy-going. Despite the above, usually Atticus is a calm, cool, relaxed man that loves to enjoy himself and have some fun with his friends. He's always up for a laugh and rarely turn down an offer to go out for drinks with his friends. His easy-going and friendly nature means he gets along with most people he comes across.
  • Courageous. He is very brave, though, some might call him stupid. He seems to be fearless when faced with danger and pain.
  • Protective. Though there's few he really cares about, those select few he's very protective of. He'd even lay his life down for them if need be because he can't stand the thought of losing them.
  • Level-headed. Although he can be playful and teasing, he's a rather sensible man beneath it all. Atticus doesn't lack in common sense, he is realistic and has a good sense of judgment when it comes to not only situations, but also people.
  • Loyal. Atticus is extremely loyal to those who not only have his trust but also trust him. He will always stick by those he cares about. Thick or thin. There's no doubt he'd be there for them.
  • Trustworthy. To trust him would not be a decision you'll live to regret. He would never betray another's trust and when it comes to keeping secrets? He wouldn't tell a soul and would take a secret to the grave if asked to.
  • Honest. Despite maybe playfully lying, Atticus is a honest man when it comes down to being serious. Although, he's not brutally honest and he will also lie if it meant those around him would be kept out of trouble and danger. He also likes people to be upfront and honest to him to- he'd rather you say something to his face than behind his back.
  • Persistent. Atticus isn't one to give up. Especially not without a solid fight. He'd try, try and try again until he finally achieves whatever he's after. If he is ever forced to give up he remembers what he failed to do, learns from it and uses it to prevent failing again.
  • Competitive. Competition is something which actually has the potential to turn Atticus very dark/nasty depending on the seriousness of the competition. Understandably, this began to develop when he was a young pup and was struggling but then it bloomed into something much more when he was in the pits.
  • Stubborn. He can be annoyingly stubborn- not one who's mind would easily be changed if he's decided on something.
  • Argumentative. Sometimes he doesn't realize it himself but sometimes he can cause quite a few silly arguments and will definitely give it back if someone started one with him. Usually they'd be petty, pointless and/or lighthearted but some of those close to him would claim he just argues for the sake of it.
  • Impatient. Patience is definitely something Atticus fails to possess unless it comes to something such as hunting or something equally consuming, where he almost forgets about time. But usually, Atticus isn't a guy that likes to wait around doing nothing and growing bored out of his mind.
  • Adaptable. He is good at adapting to change. He knows it's a part of life and things in his life especially have been constantly changing so he's learnt to quickly adjust, tackle and overcome change.
  • Respectful. Atticus was brought up to be polite and respectful to others- especially his elders. Even if someone is disrespectful to him, he won't stoop to their level but what he will do? Never forget and he can hold quite the grudge.
  • Unforgiving. Once you lose his trust he won't forgive you again. Whether it because you've betrayed him, angered him, upset him or someone he cares about. Even if you apologize, he might accept the apology but he'd never forgive and forget.
  • Determined. There is no stopping Atticus when he's set his heart, mind and/or goals on/for something.
  • Hardworking. When he's doing a job, he commits everything to it to do the best job he can do.
  • Survivalist. If someone knows how to survive whether it be in the wild or just with the shit life throws at you in general, it's Atticus. He's a damn tough nut to crack.

Little Quirks


  • Motorbikes. He has a collection and they're his babies.
  • Food. He's a big guy and has an appetite to match.
  • Alcohol.
  • Coffee.

  • Cats. Yes, cats.
  • Enclosed spaces.
  • Vampires.
  • Losing. Atticus + Losing = bad. If it's just a petty argument he'll be sulky and grumpy. If it's something like a physical fight? He'd be absolutely livid. He really can't deal with losing sometimes and it stems from all the years he’s had to fight to survive.
  • Being barcoded. He was really against the idea. If it wasn’t for the Prior’s and Jack making him see sense and realise it was either that or another variant of a cage in the form of a prison cell, he probably would be in the Pit right now which wouldn’t have been good at all.
  • Racism.
  • Cars. Don't get him wrong; he does appreciate how beautiful cars on, will show a level of interest in them but due to his severe claustrophobia he doesn't like being in them. They're too restrictive for his liking.

  • Being trapped/caged/restrained. Has severe claustrophobia that extends to even something as simple as being in a car or on public transport. If he were to have to travel somewhere by plane, he'd have to be heavily sedated for the journey.
  • Paralysis. He'd actually rather die then be stuck unable to walk, fight or even move. He hates the fact that he won't be able to do anything of his own free will if this happens and even more so, the idea of depending on someone else to look after him. It's not them he's 'hates the thought of burdening'- no- it's the much more selfish reason of just hating how embarrassed, shameful and pathetic he'd feel being such a male he is now. Death in his eyes is a thing with much more dignity to it. Showing vulnerability and weakness. Atticus doesn't like to show vulnerabilty because he feels weak when he does. Weakness in himself is something he can't seem to tolerate. He fears showing this side of him because it's a part of him that's more...raw and more open to assault.
  • Losing himself again. He's brought himself back from a pretty dark period in his life where he lost sense of who he was, what he was, what he used to believe in and who mattered to him. He lost so much during those years in his life and he fears that ever happening again now that he's finally rebuilding himself.
  • Not being a good father to his son.

Character song: "Bartholomew" - The Silent Comedy


The island of Inishbofin off the coast of Connemara, County Galway was where Killian Delaney was born. At the time when he was born in 1718, the Delaney pack were the only inhabitants of the island, the governing pack of Connacht province and one of the oldest of Ireland’s werewolf packs. They were in their prime and were one of the fiercest forces in the Vampire-Werewolf war that had divided the Emerald Isle for centuries.
The Delaney pack alpha at the time, Fiacha and his mate, Aine, had already had five children; Connall, Regan, Eochu, Niall and Finan before Killian had been born to the family. His birth had been agonizingly long for Aine and when he finally entered the world they knew something was wrong. He was a bit too small. Weak. For a bloodline that produced such strong, fine werewolves he was a pitiful sight. No one thought he would survive the night, nevermind the year and yet he did against all the odds.

As a child, Killian was the runt of the pack. He was smaller and weaker than everyone else and although his father was the alpha, it didn’t prevent the other children from bullying him. He was often overlooked, especially by his father and treated as if he were merely a nuisance and it was due to such treatment, that he sought to better himself. He was not content with remaining at the bottom, considered the weakest of the pack. The pack was at war with the Vampires and Killian would prove himself as a warrior, like his ancestors before him. Like his father.
So from a young age, Killian pushed to better himself. He trained until he was black and blue, pestered his siblings to fight him so he could learn. Each day, he pushed himself past his limits and as the years passed, his efforts became more prominent in his physique and when fighting with his brothers. Yet his father still didn’t see him and all Killian wanted was for his father to accept him. To be proud of him. So he strived to prove himself to not only the pack, but to his da. From his young teens, as the years passed he quickly rose amongst the ranks and proved himself a mighty warrior in the war against the vampires. By the time he was twenty-four, he had surpassed his older siblings in strength and prowess.

Hand in hand with war, comes death. Many of the Delaney pack fell in the war against the vampires. The Delaney family was no exception to this. Over the years, Connall, Eochu and Niall had died. Killian remembering vividly the sorrow he had felt over the loss of his brothers, but more so the heartache his mother had endured with each loss. The pack's numbers dwindled. Falling from just shy of a hundred, to twenty six in a span of forty years. None of the pack would consider it at the time, but the great Delaney pack was falling.
When Killian was still in the young age of forty four he finally heard the three words from his father he had been waiting to hear; "Good job, son.". The closest thing to a "I'm proud of you" "I love you" that the young Irish werewolf was ever going to receive and he revelled in it. But as fate would have it a hundred years later, would see the war for the Delaneys coming to an end. And not one that any of them would expect. Seventeen of the pack stood with other packs, against vampire forces but were vastly outnumbered. The fight had been all too short when the werewolves realised that they were fighting a battle they would inevitably lose if the continued. So they were to retreat. Killian's mother and sister, Regan were of the many that retreated whilst Killian, Fiacha and Finan stood with others to hold back the vampires to the best of their abilities. Killian and Fiacha were captured by the vampires and taken, as a prisoners. Among those who were slain that fateful day, was Finan. That fateful day saw the demise of what was the great the Delaney pack.

Vampires didn't usually take prisoners. It was to Killian, unheard of in their war but the vampires had certain plans for the two father and son. In the form of what was known as the Pits. A place where werewolves were placed within to fight to the death, for the amusement of the vampiric spectators. All werewolves involved were restrained by a magically infused silver collar and kept chained within cages. The collar itself, stripped them of their will and kept them in their werewolf form.
The vampires that "owned" him renamed him Atticus. Yet in his heart, he remained Killian Delaney. His name. His family became a mantra for him the first couple of years in hell. He repeated it all over and over again in his mind, to remember himself. But as more years passed where he was reduced to savagery and an animalistic state, he soon lost himself. Who he was. He became more animal than man. Atticus became his name.
During his time in the pits, he became a famous name. He was the one to beat. The biggest prize to be had was on his head. The wolves he fought no longer had individual faces to him. They all looked the same. So when yet another dark-furred werewolf whose claws had been coated in silver entered the ring, the beast just saw one thing; enemy. A fight. Fight to win. Fight to survive. He could smell the silver poisoning in the other werewolf's blood, the werewolf wouldn't live much longer past this fight anyway. Not that he would've stood a chance against Atticus. In fact, the fight had last a solid six minutes before Atticus had managed to tear out the older werewolf's esophagus. In a wild state of beastliness, long disconnected from his human self, Atticus did not react any differently to the kill as he did with any other kill, even as the werewolf's dead body shifted back into the human form Atticus didn't even register the werewolf as his own father.

Still at the age of one hundred and ninety four, Atticus was finally freed by pack of werewolves that had banded together as a force opposing the vampire enslavement of werewolves. However, even though they were friend not foe in his feral state Atticus couldn't distinguish the difference. It took seven of the werewolves to subdue him after a long fight. They freed him from his cage, only to put him in another for his and other's safety as they tried to bring his humanity back.
For six years, the attempts to re-awaken the human in him had failed, until they had manage to properly identify who he was and brought his sister, Regan to see him and help. Regan reached out to his humanity by recollecting childhood memories of their family and their pack. She told him of how their mam had died decades ago and how she was convinced it was due to heartbreak. She told them they were the last two remaining of their ancient Delaney werewolf bloodline. Over some time, she managed to engage with his human side and eventually, drag it back from the recesses of his mind.
It had been fourteen years since he had been freed physically from the pits. It took fourteen years for him to begin the long journey of himself again. But with the reawakening of his human soul, saw the regret and guilt finally hit him. All that he had done came over him like a wave and he entered a different state of frenzy one born of a different anger and hate that soon spiralled into distraught when he recalled killing his own father.
He had killed his own father. The one man he respected, admired and looked up to most. The man he had been trying all his early years to prove himself to. To earn his respect and love. He had killed him and that was a soul damaging self-revelation. When Regan had found out, she couldn't forgive him in that moment. The familial love faded from her eyes only to be replaced by a blind hate. "Killian is dead." she said, with no emotion as she turned to abandon him. Whilst maybe at one time he would've fought for his case to be heard, that had not been one of those times. Regan was right. Killian was dead. Even if he managed to find himself again, recover from the PTSD, Killian Delaney was dead. Atticus was the one to have been freed from the pits.

After twenty one years, he was finally deemed safe to be released from rehabilitation. Though "safe" had been a relative term, he was mostly human again and didn't see everyone as a threat. Yet he was still on edge, still reacted to what his wolf identified as negative body language or a challenge. His savage wolf still crept it's way to his ear, niggled at his insides, clawed and gnawed at him. For some time, he kept to himself. Chose to live a "peaceful" life of solitude in the country side, whilst learning to speak English he distracted his mind by working on broken down motorcycles. Fixing, refurbishing, repainting. He restored them to as close to pristine condition that was possible. It was a form of self therapy in a way for him. Whilst fixing himself was not so easy and he could not amend past wrong-doings in his life, he could do so with the motorcycles.
Within time, he would gradually re-acquaint himself with society. Taking each day as it came, trying to re-socialise himself but as local packs discovered who he was. What he had done. He managed to get a reign of his personal demons, for the most part. But despite his best efforts to make himself into a new man, he was chased out from the towns and cities he found homes in. He had killed his own kind. He was a threat and that's what many could only see.
Eventually, Atticus found himself stateside. America was a bigger place than the United Kingdom. The country gave him more room to breathe. It was here he reassessed what he was doing with his life. What was he doing to earn redemption? Nothing. So with that realisation, Atticus sought to educate himself. He had never learned to read or write, so he did and though it proved difficult, after a few years he was capable enough to go to school and after several years, later, medical school. He already possessed some knowledge of wounds and tending to them, albeit his knowledge was now fairly ancient.
Still, he was well used to tending to wounds under pressure and a time scale thanks to his time in the war. Needless to say, after many, many years of education by 2004, he was as a fully qualified doctor. It was in this year, he came to the town of Destiny, North Carolina and took a job as an ER doctor at he local hospital. It wasn't long however, before the local pack had heard word of his presence in the town. As with all packs, they always made sure to keep tabs of the lone and rogue wolves that lived on their territory. Atticus became concerned, that perhaps like all other packs they would run him out of town when they found out who he was. That maybe he would never be able to really live a settled life.
To his surprise, the beta of the pack was an old acquaintance of Atticus. An old friend of the Delaney pack. Meeting a friend from the past again was equally as refreshing as it was disconcerting. All others he once knew no longer saw him as the wolf they knew. The wolf they were happy to call their friend. Atticus was convinced that Jack would react the same. Only, he didn't. Jack had a level of understanding that Atticus saw in few people. He was not met with disgust, but instead the old wolf asked him if he wanted to grab a few pints. It was as if the past didn't matter. All that matter was the now and the future.

After a couple of weeks, he was introduced to Lucille Prior. The pack alphess. A fine looking she-wolf with a spitfire personality. Whilst understandably, she was cautious knowing of what he once was it seemed because she trusted in Jack's judgment, there was a level of acceptance from her to. Atticus never thought of being part of another pack again. How could he be? The hierarchy alone was something that could prove difficult to him, not being a wolf that found it easy to follow orders anymore. Yet, it seemed that he did become part of the Smokin' Aces pack. The members gave him breadth, understanding that he was still to reacquaint himself with being part of a pack.
A couple years later, saw Atticus and Lucille seek each other's company in a more intimate way. It wasn't a relationship of emotion. There was no "love" involved. A fondness, yes, but beyond that it was nothing more than two people seeking the kind of solace that could be found in human contact. Whilst he had his demons, that he still battled each day. Luce had known her fair share of heartache and loss. It was a mutual understanding. But after nearly a decade, the husband Luce thought she had lost returned to her and respecting the bond between mates, Atticus then distanced himself from she-wolf. At first, the Irish werewolf thought that perhaps he and Leon would clash. That the other male would meet him with an aggressive response. After all, Atticus had been more than just sleeping with his wife. In spite of his relationship with Luce, Leon didn't have any real qualms. He understood that neither of them knew he was alive. He hadn't expected Luce to put her life on hold for him, thinking he was dead. Strangely enough, Atticus and Leon actually developed a strong bond of friendship.

In 2014 Atticus met the first woman that would really leave her mark on his life. Fiora. Scion of the Summer court. Their relationship at first was a strange one. A game of power-playing. Who would win over the other, over nothing significant. Fiora had always enjoyed messing with werewolves and at first, Atticus was just part of that game. But in a short span of time, they grew closer. On the night of Halloween where a curse upon the town left the residents to face their darkest fears, Atticus plagued by thoughts of savagery left Destiny. Disappearing to somewhere more remote, away from lives he could harm. Only to be soon found by Fiora, who came to him in a flash and in all her light and burning brightness somehow made the feral wolf in him cower in her brilliance. He urged her to leave, but she would not. The sun would not leave him in his hour of darkness.
They were sexually involved, so it came to no surprise that that night led to more carnal pleasures. However, the thing with being "romantically" involved with a Summer fae like Fiora was that she was not to be tied down by anyone or anything. Even in love, her heart would not be caged. So despite their feelings for each other, they decided that ultimately their relationship wasn't going to be long term. But Atticus would never deny the affect on his life she had. Though they didn't know each other for very long, she helped him with his personal demons more than anyone else had. After that night though, was the last time he saw Fiora in some years.

When the Revelation happened, the chaos that ensued challenged Atticus's ability to restrain his inner wolf. It was a time of strife in the world that rattled him a great deal. No one could see the end in the madness but in a few years, an end did come by the hands of the government. They implemented new laws, new systems in order to bring peace to America once again. One of the new things put in place, was the barcoding. Luce had weighed up their options and calling a pack meeting, she told them of her decision that being barcoded was for the better of the pack. A few protested, but none like Atticus. Being barcoded was to him, almost like a cage in itself. Not seeing clearly, he was enraged by the decision Luce had made. How could she think it was for the better? Being tagged like domesticated dogs. It made him think of the silver collar he once wore around his neck, with his name engraved into it as if he were the property of someone.
However Luce, Leon and Jack together presented him with the reality of the situation. Although none of them liked the idea of being barcoded, it was either that or being thrown into a high security prison cell. They made him realise that because who he was, because of his past, he would be considered a high threat and so would be locked away in the deepest, darkest part of the pit. Being barcoded was was the better option, even though he hated it.
Identified as a supernatural, Atticus lost his job at the hospital and where he was once a doctor, he's technically unemployed but is a support group leader- helping other former pit wolves on their path to recovery offering advice and understanding.

Almost two years ago, Fiora came back into his life. Though she didn't return alone. She brought with her a young boy, just under five years of age. Telling him that it was his turn to look after their son. Their. Son. If Atticus was ever to be nearly floored by words, it would've been in that moment. He had a son? He looked at the young boy, uncertain how to even react. In all his life, he had never even considered having children. Especially after the pits.
Now he was a father. He didn't know how to be a father.
Fiora had decided a name for their son, but Atticus was to choose another. Atticus chose Finn, after one of his older brothers and when Fiora disappeared once again, he began to get to know his son. The boy was uncertain of this realm he wasn't familiar with, of the way people behaved and Atticus since has been trying to teach his son of the world.

Other Information:

  • Atticus is a pureblood werewolf, born to an ancient Irish line of werewolves.
  • English is not his mother tongue, Irish Gaelic is.
  • His accent is thick and strong and whilst mostly resembling the South Western Galway accent, it does sound like a mix of the different accents of Connacht and sometimes traces of of other South Western accents slip into his dialect. His accent get significantly harder to understand when he's been drinking.
  • He swears a lot. When some Irish people say that the Irish use swear words like punctuation, they're really not joking. Even around Finn he swears (because it is part of his culture, how he was raised) but he does try not to...but in some moments, he forgets.
  • He has a collection of various motorbikes of different makes and models. They are his pride and joy, bit Finn has now taken precedent. Even though he's still very young, Atticus and Finn have started working on bikes together which has helped them bond.
  • Atticus was a pit wolf for 68 years earning himself a reputable name as one of the fiercest and formidable werewolves, as he was one of the longest surviving. During the 68 years he's killed over 816 of his own kind- and that figure is just based on the number of werewolves he fought to the death during the full moon. Before the pits during the Irish Werewolf against Vampire war, he killed countless of the undead creatures also. Meaning, he's a pretty big deal but is generally a good guy.
  • Up until the few couple of decades, he was illiterate.
  • Atticus works out daily to maintain his physique. As with all people, he isn't naturally fit and in the shape he is without hard work and effort.
  • In his bi-pedal werewolf form, Atticus's fur is the same colour as his hair; such a dark brown that it appears black in colour and he rise to roughly 7'0.
  • In his pack, some of the higher ranking members have nicknames, named after card suits. His is "Hearts".

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