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It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.


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 Altruism is an Illusion, Tag: Jack/Jacob
Insurgency Leader
26 years
"I'll put a spell on you. You'll be mine. Want to know the best part? You'll enjoy every second of it."
"And now you're mine."

 Posted on: Aug 31 2017, 07:38 PM
disparate youth
"Stop. You mean to tell me that the owner of this hole in the wall bookshop is the illusion caster?" the uppity blonde witch balked as she stared at What's In A Word. Claire, the female ghost who had been Mina's first confidant and agent, nodded, expression bored and exasperated at the same time. She sat, translucent, in the passenger seat of the witch's red convertible. Years ago, it had been an apology present from the Vampire King, Cyprian Nystrom. She had made a blood oath with him, and a part of the exchange was that he would protect her and her fledgling coven. All that had gone out the window when the Reveal had happened and the chaos, riots, and lynchings had begun. If there had been a time in her life where she had neared loving someone again after the betrayal in her teenaged years, that had been the closest. And then it had been taken from her. Then again, she had also been together with Adam, the alchemist witch who was infuriatingly chill with life that she liked being around him since her life had never been chill. They had been friends with benefits and in her own way, she had loved him. He'd abandoned her during the fallout of the Reveal as well.

Mina frowned at the bookstore. "That annoying, foul-mouthed witch can cast illusions?" In her opinion, illusion magic was one of the most difficult to master or at least wield with any worthwhile precision.

"That's what I said," Claire said, exasperation rising. "Are you going to go in and do what you came here to do? I didn't go through all the trouble of hunting him down for you just so you could whine about it."

Mina sneered, the expression ugly on her super model features, but turned the car off and got out of the vehicle. The first time she'd been forced to interact with Jacob Upshor had been unpleasant. He was acerbic and had a standing personality of middle finger to the world. It begged the question of how he could remain in business. Then again, as Noah had gently pointed out, she had a tendency to bring out that side of people when she wasn't twisting them magically and seductively around her manicured finger.

The second and last time she had had dealings with him, she had vowed she would burn his bookstore down before giving him any of her business again. Yet, here she was, striding into the establishment like she owned the place and hadn't told him to shove a red hot poker up his butt the last time she'd been in here.

The bell dinged as she entered.

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NOTES: Teehee~

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Book Shop Clerk

 Posted on: Sep 5 2017, 05:30 PM

Jacob was sitting behind the counter, looking as though he was reading something rather dull on his computer. When he first heard the bell ring, he did not look at all interested in who it might be. After all, he had a few things he needed to do, and he was rather certain that Little Miss Barbie would find whatever she wanted if she headed towards the romance section, or maybe the little Cook Book section, or diet. Who knows?

Well, he should probably.

It was his store after all. Weren't the managers supposed to get up and ask if the customer needed anything?


Did not mean that he wanted to.

His eyes looked her over before furrowing a little. He remembered seeing her before. She was that woman he had bumped into a while back that seemed to get rather annoyed with him. Not that that really narrowed things down since Jacob seemed to have a talent for annoying everyone around him. Still, he remembered her.

"Hello there, can I help you?" he asked, his tone sounding more bored than actually interested in serving her. How did he stay in business? Well, it wasn't his award winning personality for many that kept them coming back. Sure, he could actually be polite if he thought the person was going to be genuinely interested in his books or his services. However, more often than not, that subtle sarcastic and apathetic demeanor came out easier than he would like to admit. He did know his books though.

Seriously. Jacob might not seem or act like he had a thirst for knowledge, but he enjoyed reading. It opened up worlds and it allowed him to learn more with out bringing too much attention to himself. It allowed him to learn more about the kind of people he needed to help and allowed him to try and keep on top of things as much as possible.

It was very handy to know random things about random people and species. Seriously.

"Or did you walk into the wrong store? I know I am right by a good clothes outlet." Ok, was that comment really needed? No. No it was not. Could he help himself? No. No he could not. He offered a rather cocky smile though in an attempt to at least look like he meant it jest and was just trying to soften the mood.


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