Hello Immortality
It has been four years since the Reveal--the cataclysmic event in history where, for the first time since the dark ages, existence of supernatural beings was revealed to the general population. It first occurred in America and soon spread throughout the entire globe.

Each country has reacted to the revelation with varying severity. In the United States, riots occurred. Mass lynching. Panic. Chaos. It was a lot like the Salem witch trials... multiplied by 100.

The government stepped in, wrested control via military law. Segregation between humans and supernatural is now a normal everyday expectation. The supernaturals are barcoded and registered for not only the safety of the humans but also for their own.

However, there are supernaturals and humans alike who do not like the status quo and are working to return things to a more equitable basis. They are the Insurgency, and they work in secret.

Many humans like the fact they are on top. Some supernaturals want to regain their superiority. What will you want?

Welcome to Hello Immortality!

We are a relaxed intermediate to advanced small town supernatural role-play based in a fictitious coastal North Carolina town by the name of Destiny in RL present year.

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UPDATED 08/25/2017
FAE - 1
August 25, 2017: Official re-opening of Hello Immortality!

July 1, 2016: Temporary close of HI.

June 6, 2016: OTM voting sections are up in the announcement area! Hurry and go vote! It ends on the 8th. You're all fantastic!

June 1, 2016: May's AC has finished and now new OTM nominations are up in the announcement area. Please hurry and nominate! It closes June 4th so the voting can begin!

May 20, 2016: Another AC is up in the announcement area. Deadline is 5/31. Thanks to everyone who's stuck around. You touch my heart~<3

March 3, 2016: Mad March Activity Check! Check out the announcement area for the loathed AC and fill it out, please! The deadline is 3/31. Also, OTM's are finally up! Wheeeeeee!

February 12, 2016: OTM voting time! Thanks to those who participated in the nominations! I REALLY appreciate it. Everyone go vote! It will end on Monday, Feb 15.

February 4, 2016: The Activity Check has been completed and we have cleaned house ^-^ Everybody enjoy! Also, if anyone has any ideas in regards to possible site-wide events or plots, please inform one of the admins. We are always open and willing to hear such things! 8D

January 5, 2016: GUYS! ACTIVITY CHECK FOR THE NEW YEAR! Please check it out in the announcement area. Need to post at least once with all your chars by the end of the month. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT BTW! <3

November 1, 2015: The Revamp has been completed! Welcome to the new and improved HI! Please enjoy the new skin, new plot, and new HI universe. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to one of the admins.

October 14, 2015: We now have a new admin. Please welcome Vel to the HI admin team!

July 26, 2015: OTMs are up! .... finally >_>

June 23, 2015: The Summer AC has come and gone which means house has been cleaned or is in the process of being cleaned. Thank you for everyone's timely responses. In other news, there are big things coming for HI! World altering kinds of changes! Stick around~ In other other news, OTM nominations are up in the announcement area. Please nominate by June 27, this Saturday, so voting can commence on Sunday. <333

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December 12, 2014: PLEASE WELCOME BOO TO THE HI STAFF OF AWESOME SAUCE! P.S. I love you all, you have no idea <3

October 20, 2014: OTM voting is up in the Announcement board. Please support it by voting by this Saturday, October 25. Also, the site-event is still in full swing. Feel free to take advantage. I know we're all super busy with our real lives, and I'm the first one to say those are most important, but just know that seeing posting happening makes me a happy elf!

October 6, 2014: Both of the following items can be found in the Announcement board. First off, INFORMATION FOR THE OCTOBER SITE-WIDE EVENT IS UP! Woot woot! We've talked about this before, so it's awesome to finally be putting it into motion. Sorry for getting a late start on it. Go check it out and have fun with it. Also, if any of you lovely members have ideas for site-events, etc., please don't hesitate to contact one of the admins. We are always looking for new fun ideas! Second order of business is the activity check. It closes Sunday, October 12th, so get to it all you lovely people!

July 25, 2014: NEW PLOT UPDATE! Wheeeee~ It can be found in the Announcement Area under the Destiny's Daily topic. New Activity Check, also found in the Announcement Area. Responses to the AC are due July 31st, after which accounts and whatnot will be deleted in the wake of site cleaning. Thank you for everything you all do to make this site continue! If any of you have any suggestions for activities, events, or plot arcs, please don't hesitate to let one of the admins know. We are always up for new stuff, and we always want to hear what our members have on their mind. <333

June 20, 2014: OTM's for the month of June and July are finally up. Thank you for each member's participation in voting and for making the OTM's a fun thing for us to do.

May 8, 2014: New skin! HOLLA! An announcement about it is in, you guessed it, the announcement area. Please read it. ^-^ There is also a new tidbit about vampire blood and its effect on each race for those who have been wondering. It can be found in the For Your Information forum in the Extra Information thread.

April 6, 2014: Activity Check 4 is up in the announcement area. Please check it out and have all the things done by the end of this month if possible. If not possible. please contact one of the admins. We know that everyone has been super busy with school and life in general, but we are grateful to all those who have been sticking with us and making HI a great place to be. Thank you!

February 5, 2014: Everyone take a look at the new update of Destiny's Daily in the Announcement area. The newspaper clip explains a new site-wide plot that anyone and everyone can incorporate into the plotting and threads. We'll definitely be doing things with that over the coming months. Also, I promise I'll be getting the other OTM voting results up ASAP!

January 12, 2014: Activity Check number three is up in the announcement area. Please make sure to fill out the form by January 20th. It's vital that each member, no matter how new, does so by the deadline. Please and thank you.

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January 8, 2014: Welcome Time as the newest member of our staff team!

December 9, 2013: The Fae have officially become a playable race of HI. Check out the announcement area for some further information on the matter. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

November 17, 2013: OTM's for the month of November are up. Activity check is over and the house has been cleaned. Keep having oodles of fun!

November 10, 2013: The November OTM nominations are complete, and the OTM voting has been put up. Remember to vote before November 15 in the announcement area! Thank you for all you guys do!

November 1, 2013: HI's second Activity Check is up in the Announcement area. Please make sure to fill out the code before November 9 because I would really hate to be cleaning house and send your character bio to the graveyard. Thank you~

October 20, 2013: OTM's for October are finally up... I'm so sorry for taking forever. The graphics are courtesy of le Zane.

October 6, 2013: Voting for the October OTM's are up in the announcement area. They will be open till October 11th. The October event thread has also been started. It can be found in the vampire king's home. It's called "Murder, She Wrote." If you're a part of it, you should have received a PM. Thank you for making HI a fun place to be.

September 30, 2013: OTM nominations are up for the month of October. They will be open till October 4th. Make sure to go make your nomination!

September 29, 2013: Check out the Announcement area for a role call regarding the October site-wide event. Also, there is an announcement in there about a new rule that's been there for a while. It's about the new 10 IC post rule before being able to join another character. We hope everyone is enjoying their time on Hello Immortality. You make us awesome! ^_^

September 6, 2013: OTM's for the month of September are up! Make sure to vote before September 14, 2013.

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August 10-20, 2013: HI's first activity check! Please make sure to respond~

June 19, 2013: The official opening! YAY!!!

May 22, 2013: Hello Immortality was born into the world.
The concept for Hello Immortality was created by Jez. Fellow staff and members have contributed immensely, and all their ideas are original and courtesy of them.

The characters and writings on this site belong to their respective owners/authors unless otherwise stated.

Oodles of thanks to all who have assisted with site codings since HI's inception.

All templates, coding, and graphics in use around the site belong to their respective creators unless otherwise stated.

Miniprofile by Tana @ Cosmo, Shine, and ATF

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Skin by Vanessa of ATF and SHINE.

Pop out cbox code was created by kismet of rpg directory.

No copyright infringement intended.

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No New Posts Against Anarchy
This is where information on the 'governments' for most of the different races will be posted.
6 1 Apr 27 2014, 02:55 AM
In: The Fae Nature
By: Jez
No New Posts For Your Information
Everything you need to know is here: The rules, the site plot and setting, and the descriptions of the different races.

6 2 35 minutes ago
In: The Peeps
By: Jez
No New Posts Announcements
Updates about the site and/or its plot, including any small tidbits the Admins may want to inform you about, are located here.
0 0 Oct 14 2015, 10:07 PM
In: Destiny's Daily
By: Jez
No New Posts Suggestion Board
Have any suggestions to make the board a better place? Any cool ideas you'd like to see happen? Place them here.

Q&A, Staff Board

Subforums: Q & A

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Application
Contains the application form. Please use the correct coding and do not tamper without permission.

Pending, Completed, Denied

Subforums: Pending, Completed, Denied

1 2 Jan 25 2015, 10:12 AM
In: Application Form
By: Jez
No New Posts Census
Welcome to the list of the Accepted. Let the fun begin!

Fae, Ghosts, Humans, Hunters, Occult, Psychics, Shifters, Sirens, Vampires, Werewolves

Subforums: Werewolves, Fae, Ghosts, Humans, Hunters, Occult, Psychics, Shifters, Sirens, Vampires

9 3 Jun 11 2016, 09:00 PM
In: Lindermahnn, Quartz
By: Quartz Lindermahnn
No New Posts Claims
This is where Who's Who and any other claims can be found.
2 4 Today at 08:07 pm
In: Faces
By: Jez
No New Posts Interconnections
Let the character plotting commence! Thread trackers and any links to Open threads can be posed within as well.

Plot Pages, Thread Trackers, Want Ads

Subforums: Want Ads, Plot Pages, Thread Trackers

5 7 Today at 12:11 pm
In: I can be your new addiction
By: Jez
No New Posts Communications
This board is for any communications characters may have, including cell phones, e-mails, or IMs. It also includes a place for IC threads not done in the official boards.

Phones, E-mails & IM

Subforums: Cell Phones, E-mails and IMs

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In: ----

Collapse   Destiny
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Des Cathedral
Once a centuries old cathedral kept in beautiful condition, Des Cathedral is now the tattered canvas of Destiny's graffiti artists. Following the supernatural reveal, panic made fanatics of many, and supernaturals were labelled "demons." The demons decided to strike back, burning down the back left corner of the cathedral before the fire was put out.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Residences
The housing residences of Destiny resemble militaristic, gated communities now. Everything follows a code, or the building becomes property of the government. For your safety, of course.

SPN Housing , Human Housing

Subforums: SPN Housing, Human Housing

1 0 Nov 12 2013, 10:21 PM
In: Interior/Exterior
By: Luca Phillips
No New Posts Destiny Police Department
Nothing like the humble department it was before the reveal, the DPD is lauded as home of the finest SPN crimes unit anywhere in the world. Cops in the "supe" unit are trumpeted as national heroes, but the SPN department sucks resources dry, leaving non-SPN related crimes to often be swept aside without proper investigation.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Streets & Alleys
A heavy police presence marks every street and alley of Destiny, although the Resistance still finds a way to travel and meet in secret. Maybe the police don't know their way around the town as well as they think they do.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Shopping Distict
New zoning ordinances keep the Shopping District well lit with strongly enforced SPN shopping areas separate from human areas. Every store has an entrance for their human customers and another in the back for the SPNs.

Animal Clinic, Fine Antiques, Hand-Feet Boxing, Town Square, What's In A Word

Subforums: Animal Clinic, Fine Antiques, Hand-Feet Boxing, Town Square, What's In A Word

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In: ----
No New Posts Food & Drink District
All of Destiny's restaurants, taverns, cafes, etc can be found in this district of town. Harsh government regulations force all venues to choose whether they serve the human population or the SPN one.

Dead Man's Hand, Home Brew

Subforums: Dead Man's Hand, Home Brew

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In: ----
No New Posts Party District
It could have been assumed that after the reveal the Party District took a hit. Instead, however, the businesses in this district are thriving. Many establishments adopted a tendency to overlook SPN status for the right price, and the official SPN locations invite humans for entertainment purposes.

Purple Lady, Rec Center, Sin-Sation

Subforums: Sin-Sation, Purple Lady, Rec Center

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In: ----
No New Posts School District
Even in the aftermath of the newly segregated Destiny, the town managed to remember what's important: the children. Or, they're at least pretending to care with the recently expanded High School and the new campus for SPN learning.

Community Library , Destiny High School, SPN Learning

Subforums: Community Library, Destiny High School, SPN Learning

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Warehouse District
The remnants of the old warehouse district line the northern most part of the coastline. Previously filled with abandoned and barely standing buildings, the new district resembles a military base. While the community knows it is government owned and has heard rumors, the district has become Destiny's Area 51. In actuality, it is now the training grounds for government hunting teams, including the use of SPN hunters.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Emergency Medical
The intrigue of Destiny ended up bringing in fanatics, a change that increased the number of injuries, which in turn prompted the hospital to expand. Emergency Medical does not treat SPNs, but it does have a world-class staff employed for human care.

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In: ----
No New Posts Cemetery
Here resides the dead, both the sleeping and the restless.There is always a sentry, or two, walking the perimeter in case any trouble arises from without or within.


Subforums: Catacombs

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In: ----
No New Posts Anderton Forest
The trees that seemingly cut Destiny off from the rest of the world. Be careful, though. Their silent beauty has been known to be deadly.

Community Stables

Subforums: Community Stables

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In: ----
No New Posts Train Yard
A train yard on the outskirts of town bordering the forest and the road out of town, it's still in use but perhaps not as much as it once was. At nighttime, it doubles as a perfect haven for a plethora of supernatural creatures, usually of the low ranking variety.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Coast
The sandy beach alongside the Atlantic Ocean has been known to be both mesmerizing and dangerous. A security guard is always on site in case anything dangerous should wash up on shore.

Cliff's Eat'n'Run,The Wharf

Subforums: Cliff's Eat'N'Run, The Wharf

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts The Pit
Formerly a site of illegal werewolf fights held by vampires, the Pit is now a fully operational government compound that holds SPNs unwilling to be barcoded and restricted by the new laws. Officially, it is considered a rehabilitation program, but once they arrive, few SPN ever leave.

Visitation Room , Private Rooms, Isolation Chambers , Fighting Ring

Subforums: Visitation Room, Private Rooms, Isolation Chambers, Fighting Ring

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Elsewhere
Anywhere else in the world outside of Destiny, North Carolina. Traveling has become exceptionally hard for the SPNs, but many have somehow found a way to do it anyway.

United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceans

Subforums: United States, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Oceans

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Summer Realm
The Realm of the Summer/Seelie Court. Ruled by the Summer Queen, Titania.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Winter Realm
The Realm of the Winter/Unseelie Court. Ruled by the Winter Queen, Mab.

0 0 --
In: ----

Collapse   Other
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Out of Time
If you'd like to have a thread set in an alternate universe that has no basis on the board's reality or do one that takes place in the past or future, this is the place.

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Absences
Going to be gone for longer than a week or just not going to be around as much as you'd like? Let us know here.
1 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Rec Room
Know of a fun game for the board to play? Want to post up a character scene or journal? Have some graphics to showcase or want a place to test them out? Feel free to post any of that stuff here, as well as any other OOC things.

Subforums: Character Journals, Graphic Station, Games, Shipping Stuff

8 8 Today at 01:17 pm
In: This Means War
By: Gianna Hiems
No New Posts Advertisements & Affiliates
Looking to advertise your own site or become affiliates with Hello Immortality? Please post your ad and/or affiliate here. Please allow the staff members time to accept and place affiliates.

First Time IF/Jcink, First Time ProBoards, Link Backs

Subforums: First Time Invision/Jcink, First Time Proboards, Link Backs

1195 1041 Jun 18 2016, 01:09 AM
In: The Burdened
By: Jade
No New Posts Archives
Home to finished and/or dropped threads, archived biographies, etc.
Subforums: Archived Biographies, Archived Threads, Other

754 3058 Nov 8 2016, 04:12 PM
In: Gimme Some Information
By: Victoria Queens

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